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Our mobile application is suitable for any venue, our design team will create a bespoke design matching your theme, using your logo, colours and content.

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The application will be accessed using a scannable QR Code, there is no need for any downloads, how easy it that? To view our demo app please scan the QR to begin.

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What makes Portalz so great for you?

It's cloud-friendly

Simply scan the QR code to open the mobile application, no downloads, no hassle.

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It's 100% safe

Our application does not store any guest data or information, so there is no possible way for anything bad to happen.

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It's flexible

The applications can be viewed on ANY device at ANY time.

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Features you need to know.

By using portalz, visitors can access information instantly and communicate with staff via their mobile devices thanks to the latest technology:

Order & Pay

Upsell F&B with our order and pay feature, allowing the user to purchase through app.

User friendly interface

A very intuitive and easy to use application for all users.

User & Staff Chat

Allow the user to chat with staff in realtime.

Social Media Buttons

Increase your soaicl media traction by using our built in social buttons which link directly to your profiles.


Allow users to purchase in app to boost revenue.

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All prices shown are on a montly subscription. The one time set up fee will be billed on the first month and only needs to be paid once.

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Small Venue£75Per month
  • Venue upto 200 capacity
Medium Venue£150per month
  • Between 200-1000 venue capacity
Large Venue£255per month
  • Venue capacity 1000+

Start making your life easier with Portalz

In the 21st century over 83% of people own a smartphone. Both the venue and the visitor will benefit by using Portalz.

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Check out our animated video which shows the benefits and features of Portalz!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I integrate with my already existing solutions?

Absolutely. Integration with your PMS and voice and messaging systems is possible!

How does this increase revenue?

Increase upselling of additional services and cross-selling of services from third parties - taxis, restaurants, theatres, etc.

Is my mobile phone supported?

Portalz works on any smartphone, no matter how old it may be. Your smartphone will never become to outdated for Portalz.

Are there any country limitations?

No. Portalz can be set up for any venue in the world. The QR codes can also be scanned anywhere in the world.

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